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Financial Beginnings

Who We Are

Founded in 2005, Financial Beginnings is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides free personal finance education to youth and young adults in the Pacific Northwest. The generousity of community members, volunteers, businesses and foundations enable Financial Beginnings to provide these programs at no cost to schools or participants. Financial Beginnings programs  reached nearly 30,000 students during the 2016-2017 school year and is now a national organization.

Financial Beginnings is truly a volunteer-driven and community-oriented organization. Financial Beginnings' curriculum is enhanced by the career experience and personal knowledge of our volunteer presenters, many of whom work in or are retired from the finance, insurance or education industries.

Our volunteers receive specialized training to visit classrooms and community groups to teach students (grades Kindergarten - 12 and young adult) the basics of Banking, Budgeting, Investing, Credit and Risk Management. We have recently partnered with Habitat for Humanity to provide personal finance education to adults and their children throughout the home acquisition process.

We also offer a "Pathways" program for high school and college students. This curriculum helps students successfully transition from high school to post-secondary education and into adulthood through informed and proactive financial decisions. The Pathways program teaches students to navigate the complex maze of financial decisions - from loan agreements to household budgets to career choice - that are foundational to a financially successful adulthood.

Being a Financial Beginnings volunteer is a rewarding experience! The information we present is highly valued by schools and organizations. If you like being told how much you're appreciated, this is the volunteer opportunity for you!

What We Do

Financial Beginnings empowers youth and young adults to take control of their financial future. Our educational programs provide students with sound financial knowledge they can use to maximize their wealth, achieve their dreams, and protect themselves financially. To accomplish this, Financial Beginnings offers a variety of age-specific programs serving youth, educators, and the community.  

The K - 2 and middle school programs are introduced by the volunteer in a presentation that is generally less than one hour. The teacher presents the remaining curriculum using materials sent to the teacher by Financial Beginnings.

In grades 3 through 6, the volunteer presents 4 (one-hour each) sessions. In the high school and young adult programs, teachers can choose from five topics in the Financial Foundations program or five topics in the Pathways program. Each topic (also known as a module) takes about 60 to 90 minutes to present.

Volunteers are trained and provided with shadowing opportunities to ensure they are prepared to successfully present information to youth in a fun, engaging and effective manner. Financial Beginnings coordinates every detail of the programs including helping you set volunteer dates and times that best fit your schedule. We also facilitate all logistics with the educators.