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Kemple Memorial Children's Dental Clinic

Who We Are

HISTORY: The Kemple Clinic was established in October, 1998 by Dr. H.M. Kemple, a long-time Bend resident and practicing dentist. Dr. Kemple had a lofty dream to ensure that all children in our community are provided with quality dental care regardless of ability to pay. While approaching his retirement, he negotiated a work space with Deschutes County and established a free dental clinic for children unable to access dental care given their circumstances. Working closely with the Deschutes County Schools, he worked diligently to expand clinic operations, raising money to fund operating costs, and encouraging local dentists to volunteer their time and facilities to treat the children of Deschutes County. Dr. Kemple provided leadership to the Board of Directors, encouraging continued growth and positive impact on our community. Dr. Kemple passed away on December 2, 2007. The Board, inspired by his dream, continues to pursue a new, expanded vision for the clinic-one that continues to meet the ever-growing needs of our Central Oregon community. PHILANTHROPIC PROJECTS: No Charge Preventative Services: Off-site and On-site Dental Screenings (Oral Health Clinics) No Charge Hygiene Appointments by referral from children/family agencies (schools, FANS, community non-profits, etc.)Dental Treatments: children in need of acute dental treatment are referred to one of our volunteer dentist offices for no charge treatment. Education and Community outreach - In conjunction with National Children's Dental Month (February), the Kemple Clinic administers the Give Kids a Smile Program arranging for on-site dental exams and the referral of qualified children needing treatment to the Kemple Clinic volunteer dentists. Also, providing Oral Health clinics at off site locations as well as basic dental screenings on request. Also, Kemple Clinic Board Members provide overviews and updates to the Central Oregon Dental Society and actively seek their support of our current mission and the continued enhancement of our future vision. Inherent in all our efforts is dental health education to prevent need for urgent care. IMPACT ON THE COMMUNITY: Since its inception, the Kemple Clinic has steadily increased its caseload over the past few years, we have treated an average of nearly 400 children each year, providing an annual average of over 1,000 actual treatments, ranging from cleanings to very extensive dental care/orthodontia. All treatments are delivered by our volunteer dentists/hygienists - we do not have a full-time dentist on staff. Most of these treatments (80%) are delivered in the offices of volunteer dentists, with the remainder being handled in the clinic facility, with a volunteer dentist on-site. Our local volunteer dentists contribute an average of $300,000 in donated services each year.

What We Do

Our Mission: to improve the health and well-being of children and young adults (ages 3-25) in Central Oregon by facilitating critical preventative, educational and dental treatment services for children whose families cannot access basic dental care. (Our clinic services are provided at no charge and delivered by the volunteer dental community of Central Oregon. Funding is provided by community donations and grants)The Kemple Clinic advocates for all children needing timely, high-quality care.


Kemple Memorial Children’s Dental Clinic is the only non-profit in Central Oregon that provides a variety of on-site and off-site preventative dental education, assessment and care, with resultant referrals and follow-up for required acute dental treatments for children and young adults (ages 3 thru 25)   READ MORE ABOUT EACH OF THESE FOUR SERVICE AREAS BELOW AND ON OUR WEBSITE.

Dental Clinic Services

The primary function of our clinic facility is to provide regular dental hygiene visits (screening, oral health instruction, cleanings, x-rays, fluoride varnish, sealant applications, risk assessment, etc.). If additional dental treatments are needed, our referral and follow-up services are deployed. These treatments are provided for the uninsured, underinsured and underserved children and young adults at no charge.


Screen & Seal Programs

These programs deliver portable, preventative dental services (screening, fluoride varnish, sealant applications and oral health instructions) in a variety of non-traditional dental settings across Central Oregon.  Examples of these community venues are:  school sites, health fairs, Boys & Girls Clubs, community health centers, Latino Community Association, relief nurseries, etc. These services are provided to all children and young adults, regardless of insurability.

Community Oral Health Advocate

We work closely with our referral agencies and partners to facilitate dental care for all, particularly those in exigent oral health situations.   We pride ourselves in our ability to help family members navigate through the often difficult access to care processes.   These services are available to all children and young adults needing timely, high-quality dental care regardless of insurability.


Community Outreach – Oral Health Education and Awareness

Our programs are customized to fit the needs of all types of organizations:  schools, school health programs, community services, health clinics, faith-based organizations, etc.  Our goal is to provide age appropriate oral health information broadly and specifically, based on the request and requirements.  These services are available to all community organizations to assist them in integrating oral health into their own various programs and services.